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New MacBook Pro with i5 and i7 Intel CPU

Apple has launched today its upgraded MacBook Pro line of notebooks. One thing I noticed, besides the new i5 and i7 Intel CPU’s are the better battery performance of the new MacBook Pros (MBP). The new MBP now boasts of up to 10 hours between battery recharge for the 13-inch MacBook Pro and 8-9 hours for the 15-inch and 17-inch MBP. The previous MBP’s are rated only at 7 hours — which is already very good in my opinion. I’ve used other brands of notebooks and I can only get as much as 2 hours out of them.

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Intel to demo first 32 nm processor


Intel has announced that it will be investing $7 Billion in US manufacturing facilities in a 2 year span. The facilities will feature state-of-the-art 32 nanometer chip fabrication. In line with the creation of the 32 nanometer facilities, Intel will be demoing a 32nm processor, dubbed as Westmere, during a press conference in Washington DC. The 32nm technology is the next step into the evolution of the current 45nm Intel processors.

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Psion’s Netbook trademark confirmed

It seems that Psion’s trademark ownership for the term “netbook” has been confirmed by no less than Google. JKontherun was informed by Psion that Google has investigated the trademark ownership because of it’s impact to Google’s ad network. After the confirmation, it looks like that ad customers will not be able to use netbook as a term in Google ads.

With all the promotion to the term netbook that has been going on to the point it has become a byword, I also wonder like JKontherun what will now be the better term as replacement?

Maybe Psion can just let us use the term and just go after those who would actually use it as a name of a product. Reminds me of Frigidaire and refrigerator which I sometimes use interchangeably.

Intel will close Cavite Plant in the Philippines

Intel is a pioneer investor to the semiconductor technology industry in the Philippines. It has been in the Philippines for more than a decade and has been providing jobs for the country’s Electronics engineering graduates for quite a while.

I was really surprised about Intel’s decision to close down it’s plant in Cavite. In Intel’s announcement, It said that it will be closing down a couple of test facilities in Malaysia in addition to the facility in Cavite in order to restructure some of its manufacturing operations and align its manufacturing capacity to current market conditions. This really sends an alarming situation of the global economy. Even Microsoft is having its first significant layoffs during it’s 34 year of existence.


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Asus EeePC got better gets multi-touch screen

I’ve been waiting for this since last year and pretty excited about Netbooks with touchscreen coming out this 2009. Asus has just announce at CES their newest member of the EeePC family. A netbook that has a rotating screen (aka tablet) and a multi-touch screen.

It’s weighing in at only 2-pounds and 1-inch thick that 8.9-inch LED backlit touch panel sporting an Intel’s Z520 Atom processor instead of the N270. Optional TV-tuner and GPS. I hope they put in SSD drives on it and 3.5G connectivity!


Would be exciting to see Ubuntu Eee (or is it easypeasy) getting installed in one of these cool EeePC.

Design your own Netbook, Notebook or Gamer PC

How does being able to create/design the specifications of your next notebook, netbook or gamer’s notebook PC sound to you? I’m sure every notebook or netbook owner would want to voice out their opinion on how the next netbook or notebook will come out of production.

Well, here’s an exciting idea introduced by Intel and ASUS.

… consumers can collaborate with each other and with Intel and ASUS to design innovative new products. The plan is for the two companies to deliver to market what could be the world’s first community-designed PCs.

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