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Minimize to tray icon your Thunderbird (and anything) in Ubuntu Linux

I’ve been using Thunderbird for quite a while. When I was using Thunderbird on Windows, I’ve used this plugin called “Minimize to tray” which allows me to de-clutter my task bar and put Thunderbird into the Windows tray area as an icon. Now that I’m using Ubuntu, I’ve miss the plugin (it only works under Windows) and would want the same functionality in my Ubuntu Linux setup.

This morning, I tried searching for something that will give me the same functionality under my Ubuntu Linux. After a couple of Googling, I came upon a little Linux application which allows me to minimize my Thunderbird software into the Gnome panel notification area in Ubuntu. And guess what, not only can I minimize Thunderbird, I can also minimize any other application I want into the notification area. It’s a cool app to miss out on so I thought I’d write about it here and how to get it installed in your Ubuntu machine.

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