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Some cool car dashboard mods gives it character

Who says you can’t express your geeky preferences when it comes to your car’s dashboard? Here’s several ways of doing it to let everyone know what your favorite gaming console is, what you like doing even inside your car or even letting your car have it’s own in dashboard computer.

When it comes to character, there’s no doubt about these guys who have painstakenly incorporated some cool mods into their dashboard will never miss their faves.

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Logitech G18 gamer’s keyboard coming soon

If you’re a computer gamer, you’ve probably come across a lot of gadgets to make life more blissful while playing those PC games. Logitech, known for its keyboards and game pads, has decided to come up with yet another of those gadgets in the hope of making us all happy aside from the G13.

Just came across a pic at Engadget of what seems to be the Logitech G18 gamer’s keyboard. Those keys will surely be programmable. There’s also a tiny display on the gadget — I wonder if that is also programmable.


Of course, you’ll have to be ready to open up your wallet to get hold of those beauties.

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