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Samsung announces new LCD monitors with Ubisync

Looks like USB enabled monitors are slowly becoming mainstream as Samsung announces three LCD monitors (Samsung SyncMaster 2243QW, LD220 and LD190X) that are all equipped to be connected via the USB port of your computer. This makes it very appealing since it allows you to connect several of these monitors to your computer. Studies have shown that having several monitors in the workplace increases productivity. Who cares about the study, I want three monitors attached to my computer, period. 🙂


Upcoming slim LCD displays in CES

Looks like we can expect a lot of really really slim LCD displays these year. The upcoming CES in the US will be showcasing some of the slim LCD displays this year. Here’s one from LG is 24.8-mm thick and is LED backlit. DivX HD support on the panel itself via USB or Bluetooth. says there will be a 55-inch HDTV with wireless HD box included. DivX HD support via USB or bluetooth will be available on the panel itself. And get this it will have a 2,000,000:1 screen contrast screen.


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