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Stop hotlinking to your site

How to handle hotlinking. For the last couple of days, my attention was drawn to the problem of hotlinking, inline linking, leeching, piggy-backing, direct linking, offsite image grabs, bandwidth theft or whatever you may want to call it. A lot of discussion about hotlinking is on the Internet as to whether it should be allowed or not allowed.

I try to be a bit more tolerant and usually wouldn’t mind getting them every now and then. This morning, what caught my attention was that the amount of hotlinking to images by certain sites which may cause degradation to other visitors to my site especially if the hotlinked images are large.

Is hotlinking bad for your site or not? Doing a search on the Internet will usually show you steps on how to stop others from hotlinking to your site. Some users would stop the hotlinkers cold by forbidding them access to the files. Others would redirect them to images that displays warnings.

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