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Pushing forward with Location Based services

I’ve started on my idea of putting up location based services several years back. It started out as a hobby to put up the Ortigas Online web site to host a map and directory of shops, offices and buildings located in Ortigas Center. My idea back then was for people to be able to easily find establishments in Ortigas on the web. Actually it was more so that I can easily find them when I’m looking for a place in Ortigas since I worked in the area.

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Is there a GPS service in the Philippines?

I’m not aware of a GPS service in the Philippines but a friend has been asking how he could use his Mio GPS device here in the Philippines so I thought I’d post it here and see if anyone reading this might know if a GPS service exists in the Philippines.

I know there are some form of location-based services from the Telcos like Smart and Globe Telecom but these are cell site based services and don’t use GPS.

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