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MacBook Air and the iPad combined into 1 iDevice

I have this crazy idea that Apple would decide to combine a MacBook Air and an iPad into one iDevice. Although you might say that I should get an ASUS Transformer Prime, it is actually not what I had in mind. I want something better than that. A mobile device that gives a mobile user the best of both worlds. The benefits of an instant on device like the iPad and the availability of a workhorse like the MacBook.

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Apple’s Macbook Air gets MSI competition, No Dell E Slim

Looks like the Dell E Slim is still nowhere to be found. Well, MSI has announced it’s 13.4” wide ultra-thin netbook called the X-Slim 320. The X320 ups the ante compared to the Macbook Air. The overall thickness is as small as 1.98 cm (which is about 0.78 inches). The thinnest part is only 6 mm (Wow! even thinner that the slimmest mobile phone that I can remember). It’s not only ultra slim, it’s very light at only 1.3kg!

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