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Firefox users grow at Internet Explorer’s expense

It looks like the hard work of the Firefox community is starting to pay off as the number of the Firefox web browser users have increased considerably in a year’s time. It’s not much of a good news to Microsoft since their web browser, the Internet Explorer, has suffered a declined in usage.

I still see a lot of room for improving the percentages here. For one thing, I see a lot of people still using Internet Explorer version 6.0. This IE version is just way too big a problem with all the holes it has (and all the problems it brings to web site developers). If these people would just start using the Mozilla Firefox web browser instead, I think we can see more substantial increases in the Firefox’s market share. (statistics provided by NetApplications.)


If you are still an Internet Explorer v6 or earlier user, switch to the Mozilla’s Firefox web browser. It a lot more secure than what you’re using right now!

Download a copy of Firefox.

Rumored Sidekick LX 2009 cell phone

The Sidekick mobile phone is quite popular and has had a loyal following especially in the entertainment industry. Danger, the company behind Sidekick, was actually bought by Microsoft a while back. It looks like a new model of Sidekick LX is coming out. The sleek and thinner look feels good. A quick look at the photo shows that the new Sidekick LX has more curves especially where the keyboard meets the left and right “handle bars”.

Other welcome features include social networking apps, large screen with higher resolution. Oh and from the looks of it, it’s now finally going to have 3G (keeping fingers crossed that it will be 3.5G) and GPS. [via HipTop3]


Internet Explorer 8 RC1 free download available

If you want to take a peek at Microsoft’s next version of the Internet Explorer web browser, you can now download a pre-release version from their website. MS Internet Explorer version 8 RC1 (release candidate 1) can now be downloaded from their web site. I better download it now to check if my site will display properly for MSIE version 8. For you who are still using Microsoft Internet Explorer v6 you may want to consider upgrading to a newer version.

Some features of IE 8 include accelerators, InPrivate browsing, Web Slices, Search suggestions, Instant search and SmartScreen Filter. You can learn more about them here.

The real reason why Bill Gates retired from Microsoft

Before Bill retired, most of the news gave out philantrophy as the main reason of his retirement. Being a big event in the world of technology, Microsoft scheduled a press conference for Bill to answer some questions that people are itching to ask him.

In a press conference just before the actual retirement of Bill from Microsoft, one of the reporters who was close to Bill asked the most obvious question.

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