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Internet Explorer 8 RC1 free download available

If you want to take a peek at Microsoft’s next version of the Internet Explorer web browser, you can now download a pre-release version from their website. MS Internet Explorer version 8 RC1 (release candidate 1) can now be downloaded from their web site. I better download it now to check if my site will display properly for MSIE version 8. For you who are still using Microsoft Internet Explorer v6 you may want to consider upgrading to a newer version.

Some features of IE 8 include accelerators, InPrivate browsing, Web Slices, Search suggestions, Instant search and SmartScreen Filter. You can learn more about them here.

Windows 7 Beta download will be closed soon

If you want to try out the upcoming Windows 7 operating system and you still haven’t gotten a copy, you better hurry up ‘coz the download will only be available until February 10. If you have started downloading your copy of Windows 7 Beta, you can finish your download until February 12. After February 12 and you have completed your download you will not be able to finish it.

Windows 7 Beta is currently available for download at the Microsoft web site. You can download a copy of Windows 7 Beta by first registering for a Microsoft Live account. Be sure to do a complete backup your computer if you want to try out Windows 7 Beta. It is said to be better in terms of performance than the newest version of Windows which is Windows Vista.

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The NetBook Battlefront … 1 point for Windows?

Over the past couple of days I’ve been reading about the higher than normal return rate of Linux netbooks. Being a Ubuntu user, I was curious as to the reason why that would happen. I believe that Ubuntu (eerrr, Linux) 😉 is a better operating system than Windows XP and much better than Windows Vista but why are they opting for Windows?


It seems that it all stemmed from the reason that most of those who bought the Linux netbook was expecting something that would look similar to Windows in terms of interface. Being a Windows user myself, here’s some of my thoughts about the situation on what I’ve been seeing in the currently available NetBooks.

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The real reason why Bill Gates retired from Microsoft

Before Bill retired, most of the news gave out philantrophy as the main reason of his retirement. Being a big event in the world of technology, Microsoft scheduled a press conference for Bill to answer some questions that people are itching to ask him.

In a press conference just before the actual retirement of Bill from Microsoft, one of the reporters who was close to Bill asked the most obvious question.

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Windows XP eats a lot of CPU even when idle


I’ve read a lot about Windows taking up a CPU resources even when it’s idle but I never really got to experience it first hand or never bothered looking into it. I’ve been using my new Compaq Presario notebook installed with Ubuntu for several weeks now. After installing Ubuntu I suddenly realized that I still need the Nokia PC suite and it runs only on Windows (Nokia will you please port the Nokia PC Suite to Linux, thank you.)

So, what did I do? I had to install my Windows XP on a VirtualBox machine under Linux. After installing Sun’s VirtualBox virtualization software, I configured a virtual machine with enough resources (1GB of memory …) for my Windows XP. The installation went fine and I was able to install Nokia’s PC Suite successfully too.

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