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Futuristic Classrooms: “Pocketbooks” come of age

I remember as a child having to pull a bag filled with books going to school. When I got my first PC in the ’80s, I imagined a classroom where students are holding electronic “pocketbooks” that serves as their library of books, their electronic notebook / magic slate …

The recent news of a big deployment of Linux in schools got me back into thinking just how near the reality of my concept is actually unfolding. One thing caught my attention though, the deployment will use virtual Linux desktops using a CPU sharing scheme. The scheme that uses a single computer connected with several monitors is not something new but I wondered if it’s still feasible in this day and age.

After some checking and comparing alternative solutions and schemes, here’s what I found out — electronic “pocketbooks” are in.

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Touchscreen netbook from Asus gets demoed

I’ve said in my previous post that 2009 is going to be the year of touchscreen netbooks. The MyViliv X70 which has touch screen really got me excited with its very cool look. I was just thinking about Asus’ plan to introduce an Asus EeePC and I found this really nice video of the Asus Eee touch screen UI being demoed in Youtube.

Pretty neat stuff. It’s going to be a battle between the best UI available for touch screen based netbooks. I’m curious at what price points will the devices come out. I never thought I’d see the day when children won’t have to carry around tons of school books. They’ll only need to carry just one book to school — a netbook. Here’s the video for your enjoyment.

[youtube: 540 437]

Super cool and sleek Viliv X70 MID device

This super gorgeous mobile internet device (MID) from Viliv called the X70 is by far the sleekest MID I’ve seen. I think this should be the minimum standard for a MID. This super cool MID doesn’t stop on it’s tracks when it comes to define the meaning of cool. You get a lot of features under the hood with this device. What’s even more cool is that this device supports Linux and not just Windows. How about a countdown as to when someone starts running the Android open mobile platform on this one!

I love to see this MID with Linux in action. Now if only the makers of Viliv would send me one to feature on my blog that would really be ultra cool.

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HP Mini 1000 netbook has Ubuntu

HP has introduced a new line of netbooks with competitive pricing of as low as US$379. The HP Mini 1000 line of netbooks will be using Intel’s Atom processor instead of a VIA processor (used in HP mini-note 2133). You now have the option of getting an HP netbook which has an SSD installed (8GB or 16GB).


Memory configurations are 512MB, 1GB and 2GB plus the usual USB ports, wifi and webcam. The display comes in 8.9 or 10.2 inches at 1024 x 600. It would have been nice to have the option to order it with a 1280×768 10.2 inch display. The new HP netbook line can be pre-installed with Ubuntu that sports HP’s unique MIE interface (why create a unique HP interface?). For the gals, you’ll like the stylish Vivienne Tam Edition that will be available in mid-December in the US.

Hi HP, I’d like a 10.2-inch 1280×768 display, aluminum black body, 1.3 megapixel webcam, 2GB, wifi, HSDPA, 20GB SSD, SDHC slot and Ubuntu Intrepid (for that mobile broadband support) if you please. Thanks.

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