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Samsung and HTC Android mobile phones are in the Philippines

The Android open mobile platform initiated by Google is one very exciting mobile operating system that I have been following. Mainly because it’s open source and the operating system core is based on Linux. I’ve recently gone to different mobile phone shops in the Philippines to check out whether Android based mobile phones are starting to appear at the shops. After my trips, I’m a bit happy and sad from what I have found. Here’s why.

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Nokia still the most connected phone in the Philippines

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been looking at statistics about mobile browsing in the Philippines. I wanted to find out what mobile phones I would need to support on the new version of the Ortigas Online web site when it comes out on the second quarter of this year. One of the things that I found out is that Nokia is still the dominant mobile phone brand in the Philippines according to a recent article by on advertising statistics.

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Apple is building a Kindle 3.0

I read a post by John Biggs at Crunchgear this morning about Apple’s possible new hardware. After reading all the possible scenarios I think there’s another scenario that wasn’t mentioned by John.

He has a point about OEM’s keeping their lips close so it makes you wonder why Wintek or Quanta would spill it out — unless Apple has their blessing. This will keep people wondering but not enough to hurt sales but enough to divert everyone’s attention.

Remember Amazon’s new Kindle software on the iPhone? Well if you have used a Kindle and the iPhone equivalent, what would be your first reaction? The display. It’s not as crisp as the Kindle.

So how about a very high resolution colored display that you can use to read all those books, magazines, comics and of course play music, watch videos including full HD videos on a device that’s thin, as small as a pocketbook. On top of that, it has options like maybe HSPA, Wimax but of course wifi would be built-in. Also how about 3D built-in for those games. Here’s another thought — detachable keyboard option. Price range — about the cost of a Mac Mini. Wouldn’t you wait for it if you’re planning to buy your netbook?

Dell Mini 10 officially announced

I’ve just read an announcement from Dell that the Mini 10 is now available for pre-order in the US. The Dell Mini 10 will be available on Dell’s web site by February 26 and shipment will start next month.

The model that’s going to be initially available is with 1GB fixed RAM (non-upgradable) and a non-standard 1024×576 screen resolution. That said, the new Dell Mini 10 is available with the either the Intel Atom Z520 and Z530, an integrated 1.3 megapixel webcam, an HDMI out port, integrated 802.11g Wi-Fi, a 3-cell 24Whr battery, 160GB 5400rpm hard drive, a 4-in-1 memory card reader.

Although the Dell Mini 10 uses the newer Atom Z5xx processor with hardware accelerated HD video capabilities, Dell said that such features will only be available on a future model of the Mini 10. Also for those of you using Ubuntu, no Ubuntu pre-installed just yet — although I doubt that will ever stop you from buying 🙂 . The newer processor is also more power efficient at an average power rating of 220mW compared to 600mW for the currently widely used Atom N270.

Great Dell, but what I’m waiting to hear about is the upcoming Dell Adamo. Can you please get it out soon. [via Dell Announcement]

Better Ubuntu Linux bluetooth management with Blueman

l found (courtesy of Bigbrovar’s post, thanks) a piece of software called Blueman that provides better bluetooth management under Ubuntu Intrepid (it’s also available for other Ubuntu versions). It basicall replaces the current bluetooth manager under Intrepid.

What’s cool about blueman is that in addition to better bluetooth management under Ubuntu, it is also able to manage wireless broadband (GPRS/EDGE/3G) connections hand in hand with Ubuntu’s Network Manager. I’ve tried it on my Motorola RAZR mobile phone and it is able to setup HAL so that I can easily connect / disconnect to the Internet using Network Manager.

The last time I tried if my cell phone is supported by the Network Manager, I had to use the mobile phone’s cable to be able to connect to the Internet. If I wanted to connect to the Internet via bluetooth on my cell phone, I had to setup ppp manually. With Blueman, it’s done automatically for you. Great!

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List of supported cell phones in new mobile broadband feature of Ubuntu

Since the last time I tried out how to setup a 3G connection on Ubuntu Intrepid, I’ve been trying out other cell phones that works with the new feature in Intrepid to allow users to easily connect via their mobile phones.

So far I’ve tried the following GPRS/3G/HSDPA mobile phones and they work under Ubuntu Intrepid.

Current list of supported cell phones in Ubuntu Intrepid’s mobile broadband automatic connection feature:

  • Motorola RAZR (3G/HSPDA works with Network Manager using a cable)
  • Sony Ericsson 810i (3G works with Network Manager using a cable)
  • Nokia N80ie (3G works with Network Manager using a cable)
  • Nokia N95 ( will try out this week 3G/HSDPA works with Network Manager using a cable)

If you have made your mobile phone to work on Ubuntu Intrepid, please leave a comment so I can try and make a list of supported handsets. Thanks.

First cell phone with wind recognition fron Pantech

I’ve heard about mobile phones with voice recognition, handwriting recognition, face recognition, business card recognition but I have to admit this is the first time I’ve heard about wind recognition for cell phones. At first it seems a little strange as to what possible applications it can have.

Now that Valentine’s day is coming up, maybe pantech should have added a “nano fan” into the earpiece. While whispering sweet nothings to your love ones, you can blow some tingling breeze into her ears.

I’m pretty sure you can probably think of one of your own ideas. 🙂 [via Akihabara News]

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