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Three must have tools for managing mysql databases

If you have installed Apache, MySQL and PHP on your Ubuntu Linux (LAMP), the next thing you’d probably want to do is install these three MySQL database management tools install on your Ubuntu computer. The applications make it easier for anyone who needs to manage MySQL databases on an Ubuntu box. The tools compliment each other and makes life easier for a MySQL user.

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How to install apache, mysql, php on ubuntu linux desktop

I use my Ubuntu installed Compaq C700 for PHP development (mostly WordPress related development). I thought I’d post some articles on my current setup for others. On this post, I thought I’d write about how to install the Apache web server, MySQL database server and the PHP scripting language on a Ubuntu desktop edition environment.

Apache, MySQL and PHP is not installed by default on the desktop edition of Ubuntu. Setting up a LAMP (Linux Apache MySQL PHP) environment on Ubuntu is actually quite easy. Just follow the steps on this post and you’d be able to have your own LAMP environment setup in no time.

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