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Philippines: Nokia X7 mobile phone price

The Nokia X7 has joined the Nokia E6 as the second Symbian Anna mobile phone to become available in the Philippines. Nokia has called it the extreme entertainment mobile phone.

The X7 is made of Gorilla glass and stainless steel. The phone has a 4-inch 640×360 capacitive AMOLED display, 8-megapixel camera with dual LED flash capable of 720p video recording. It supports upto 32GB of external microSD storage. Other standard smartphone features include 3D graphics support, bluetooth, Wifi, accelerometer and proximity sensor. It comes with quadband GSM and pentaband 3G making it a truly global mobile phone.

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Nokia E6 now available in the Philippines

I just saw the Nokia E6 become available locally for about Php 16,000+. The Nokia E6 is the first mobile phone from Nokia that is running the newest Symbian Anna operating system to be available in the Philippines. It’s a QWERTY phone like the Nokia E71. This will be a nice mobile phone for those who love to text since the display has a 640×480 resolution that makes the display of the characters very sharp and readable. The display is also a touch screen and uses Gorilla glass for durability.

The Nokia E6 comes with the usual features that you’d find in a modern smartphone like GPS, Wifi, 3.5G data speeds, stereo FM radio, bluetooth. It has a dual camera with the primary camera capable of taking 8-megapixel shots using a fixed focus lens and dual LED flash.

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Nokia’s next wave of Symbian phones in the Philippines

The annual Nokia World event which was just held last September 14-15 in London has got me pretty excited about the upcoming Symbian phones when they start arriving in the Philippines. I still look forward to one day being able to attend the Nokia World. I think I’m getting closer to the real thing because this year’s event WOMWorld/Nokia actually sent me a package of stuff to be a “virtual attendee” (Thanks WOMWorld/Nokia).

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Just got Nokia 5800 firmware update version 50.0

Nokia’s Symbian OS v5 runs on the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic mobile phone. It’s actually Nokia’s first mobile phone to support the Symbian’s first touch enabled operating system. If you got the Nokia 5800 connected phone early in the market, you’re probably running an old not so likable operating system (firmware) like me. I love Nokia mobile phones because it offers the latest in technology at affordable prices. Just to compare, the new Apple iPhone 4 would easily cost you more than 50,000 pesos locally just to get a dual camera high resolution screen. In comparison, the Nokia 5800 has a dual camera and decent high resolution screen at about 12,000 pesos. Even better, get the new Nokia C6 with a physical keyboard (great for text messaging) for only about 13,500 pesos.

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Nokia C6 just made smartphones affordable

The Nokia C6 smartphone is now available in the Philippines. What’s so special about the Nokia C6? Well aside from having all the bells and whistles of a modern well connected phone, the Nokia C6 makes it well within the reach of more people. To give you an idea, the Nokia C6 has in all intensive purposes the same specifications of a Nokia 97 mini mobile phone. Just about the only difference is the 8GB internal storage of the N97 mini. But guess what, the Nokia C6 price is almost half of the launch price of the Nokia N97 mini. The Nokia C6 smartphone costs only about 13,500 pesos from local cellphone shops.

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Using the Maemo based Nokia N900 mobile phone

The Nokia N900 computer phone has been available in the market for quite a while and it has been available in the Philippines for several months already. You can buy the N900 in mobile phone shops in the Ortigas Center.

For several weeks, I am trying Nokia N900 courtesy of Womworld / Nokia. I’ve already posted an N900 unboxing article and how to sync the Maemo mobile phone with the Mac OS X Addressbook and Calendar using iSync.

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Ovi Maps with Navigation simply works

I’m starting off my comparision of the Symbian based Nokia 5800 XpressMusic with the Android based Samsung Spica on this post. Both phones are in the same price point and has the basic features of the new breed of smartphones – touchscreens and GPS.

Last Friday was a Philippine holiday, the Ilagan family has decided to spend the holiday weekend at the Matabungkay beach in Batangas. I have recently decided to spend more time using a mobile phone for other things beside voice communication and text messages. On the trip, I’ve decided to compare getting directions using the free Ovi Maps with Navigation and Google Maps with direction.

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Syncing a Nokia mobile phone with Mac OS X

I use a Nokia 5800 ExpressMusic mobile phone and there’s no PC Suite on Mac OS X. But unlike Ubuntu Nokia actually created ways to sync their Symbian based mobile phones with Mac OS X data. I found that after a couple of software installs, I can sync my mobile phone contacts, calendar, music, photos, bookmarks and videos to my Mac notebook.

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