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Dell Adamo sleek and thin rivals Macbook Air

It looks like it won’t be long until we will see the Dell Adamo line of thin notebooks in the store. The thin notebook aims at the until now exclusive turf of the Macbook Air. The photos of the Dell Adamo looks pretty good with both black and white versions of the notebook to be made available. This was confirmed to Brian Solis who was given an exclusive photo shoot of the upcoming Dell Adamo.

From the photos, it looks like the ports on the Dell Adamo are located at the back. I sure hope there’s at least a USB port on the side for plugging in those USB memory sticks. I think those flip down ports on the Macbook Air are sleeker. 🙂


Extend the lifetime of your hard disk in Ubuntu Linux

I’ve already read a while back about an article that laptop hard disks in Ubuntu may be experiencing an above average stress that it should be. I forgot about this when I started using Ubuntu on my notebook and only remembered about it when I recently read a Slashdot article entitled “Ubuntu’s Laptop Killing Bug Fixed“.

After reading the article, I sort of did an check on my hard disk to see if I have such a setup that affect’s the lifetime of my hard disk. I was surprised that my Ubuntu Intrepid based notebook that is fairly new has already gone through 5253 Load Cycles — that’s near the half point mark of the 10,000-count alarm point.

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HP Compaq CQ20 notebook and Ubuntu Linux – great combination

This year, one of my goals is to put more time into my site so I decided that I should get a smaller notebook than the Compaq C700 I have. This way I can easily carry around a computer and put more time into blogging. I considered buying a netbook but just couldn’t get myself used to the smaller 1024 by 600 resolutions that normally came along with such portables. So I started surfing the Internet sites of local computer shops for a 12-inch notebook instead of going for a netbook. I found that the 12-inch Lenovo G230 has decent specs and a fair price so I off I went to get one.

I’ve used an IBM notebook before and was quite satisfied with it’s quality. When IBM sold it’s notebook business to Lenovo I must admit that I sort of hesitated on the idea of getting a Lenovo notebook. When I got to the store, the notebook was out of stock and I decided to get the G430 instead and went home.

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Apple’s Macbook Air gets MSI competition, No Dell E Slim

Looks like the Dell E Slim is still nowhere to be found. Well, MSI has announced it’s 13.4” wide ultra-thin netbook called the X-Slim 320. The X320 ups the ante compared to the Macbook Air. The overall thickness is as small as 1.98 cm (which is about 0.78 inches). The thinnest part is only 6 mm (Wow! even thinner that the slimmest mobile phone that I can remember). It’s not only ultra slim, it’s very light at only 1.3kg!

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Design your own Netbook, Notebook or Gamer PC

How does being able to create/design the specifications of your next notebook, netbook or gamer’s notebook PC sound to you? I’m sure every notebook or netbook owner would want to voice out their opinion on how the next netbook or notebook will come out of production.

Well, here’s an exciting idea introduced by Intel and ASUS.

… consumers can collaborate with each other and with Intel and ASUS to design innovative new products. The plan is for the two companies to deliver to market what could be the world’s first community-designed PCs.

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