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Android eBook reader for each student in the Philippines

More than 5 years ago, I had this crazyidea about how the future student would look like. Way back then, smartphones like Nokia are getting to be powerful enough to include an electronic book reader, wireless LAN access or wi-fi and high speed 3G internet acess. My vision was that students, instead of bringing around those big bags with wheels to carry their books, would just need to bring something like a pocketbook size touch screen computer. These pocketbook size touch screen computer will hold their books and notes and give them access to the “Internet library”.

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Nokia’s next wave of Symbian phones in the Philippines

The annual Nokia World event which was just held last September 14-15 in London has got me pretty excited about the upcoming Symbian phones when they start arriving in the Philippines. I still look forward to one day being able to attend the Nokia World. I think I’m getting closer to the real thing because this year’s event WOMWorld/Nokia actually sent me a package of stuff to be a “virtual attendee” (Thanks WOMWorld/Nokia).

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Samsung Galaxy 5 Android phone in the Philippines

Samsung has been nothing less than aggresive with churning out Android based mobile phones. When the Samsung Spica, one of it’s first Android mobile phones, became available in the Philippines I decided to buy one. Well it looks like Samsung is not stopping anytime soon. Adding to it’s list of Android phones that’s available on the Philippine shores is the Samsung Galaxy 5 cellphone. The Samsung Galaxy 5 is also know as the Samsung Corby i5500 and it looks like it’s the first Android phone under the Corby brand.

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Android mobile phones in the Philippines

Updated: You can now read my Android Philippines section for more info about Android phones.

Mobile phones that are based on the Android open mobile platform has been increasing in number in the Philippines. It got a slow start with the introduction of the HTC Magic by one of the mobile network providers in the Philippines. I have currently identified several Android based mobile phones that have been officially released on Philippine shores. Here’s a list of the Android mobile phones you can buy at a mobile phone shop in the Philippines.

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Samsung and HTC Android mobile phones are in the Philippines

The Android open mobile platform initiated by Google is one very exciting mobile operating system that I have been following. Mainly because it’s open source and the operating system core is based on Linux. I’ve recently gone to different mobile phone shops in the Philippines to check out whether Android based mobile phones are starting to appear at the shops. After my trips, I’m a bit happy and sad from what I have found. Here’s why.

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Mobile Internet in the Philippines using 3G

This is my first week since I’ve decided to set myself up to be as mobile as possible when it comes to getting connected on the Internet. Since I like microblogging via Twitter, I’ve bought a copy of the Gravity Twitter mobile app. This week I’ve decided to find a way to use my Nokia 5800 mobile phone as a mobile 3G router. I found this mobile app called JoikuSpot. It’s basically an app that turns a wifi-equipped Symbian phone into a 3G hotspot.

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Photo blog about the Philippines is site of the week

During the week, I’ve decided to dive into learning about digital cameras. You can just be overwhelmed at what’s on the Internet! It’s so full of very useful and interesting sites that touches the topic of photography. Seeing that I would have to put some laid out plan on how I need to go about my process of learning more about photography, I’ve decided to take a lighter activity this week by checking out blog sites featuring photos of the Philippines.

This particular photo blog caught my attention. The site named “My Sarisari Store” features photos of the Philippines. When I visited it, I was amazed at the beautiful shots of underwater fauna made by the photographer. Another thing that’s amazing is that the photo shots are featured on the photo blog of Belgian Sidney Snoeck who decided to move to the Philippines in 2002.

Here’s a sample photo of his guest photographer Stephan Jaeggi who created the underwater photo shots. Visit Sidney’s photo blog to take a look at more stunning photos.


Filipino WordPress blog for Anime

This week while surfing for an interesting site, I came across a blog that features topics about Anime. The Filipino blogger who goes by the name of Jay has been maintaining the site since 2000 and has recently converted the web site to WordPress. Looks like Jay is also an avid gamer and has now tempered some of his gaming interests in favor of maintaining the PhilAmime WordPress blog.

Jay seems to also love transformer toys like this one on his post. 🙂 You can visit the Filipino wordpress blog about Anime at

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