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Smartphones experience growth inspite of global ecomonic downturn

Even as the world is experiencing an ecomonic upheaval it looks like that the American smartphone market has experienced a considerable growth in the last quarter of 2008. According to the NPD Group fourth quarter sales survey , smartphones have almost doubled to 23 percent of the US consumer market as compared to only 12 percent in the same quarter of 2007.

Also noteworthy is that half of the smartphones now sold has touch screens and 70 percent offer QWERTY keyboards. Two thirds of the smartphones now use 3G networks as compared to only 46 percent in 2007. Apple’s iPhone, Rim’s Blackberry Storm, the Android G1 phone are some of the top gainers.

It seems Qualcomm is also one of those companies benefitting from all these. The company has just announced that it’s Board of Directors approved an annual dividend increase of 6 percent per share of common stock. This brings the annual dividend to $0.68 per share.

Qualcomm helps bring “mobile guest” applications to reality

Imagine this, “You come into a coffee shop as a “mobile guest“, you order something. You check if you have enough electronic cash on your mobile phone. Pay for it with your cell phone using secure short range wireless communications meant for transactions.”

Qualcomm is bringing this closer to reality with it’s recently released near field communication technology embedded into certain models of it’s chipset products. Qualcomm is helping accelerate the commercial availability of mobile handsets featuring the short-range technology and is engaged with leading NFC solutions providers to develop reference designs based on the Company’s Mobile Station Modemâ„¢ (MSMâ„¢) chipsets. NFC is a short-range wireless connectivity technology operating at 13.56 MHz and transferring data at up to 424 Kbps.

NFC technology is well suited for payment, mass transit, ticketing and other similar applications requiring a quick and secure contactless exchange of data between devices that are in close proximity to each other. [via Qualcomm]

Toshiba TG01 mobile phone with 1GHz Snapdragon

This is the first mobile phone that I have read about that uses the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon mobile processor. The Toshiba TG01 in all its goodness will be encased in a thin 9.9mm body. Some of the features include HSDPA, GPS, microSD slot and of course Wifi. The TG01 cell phone sports a big 4.1 inch 800×480 pixel touchscreen display.

Toshiba has chosen to create a custom 3D GUI on top of the Windows Mobile 6.1 OS. You don’t have to wait long for photos because Pocket-Lint has some of the shared on their website. [via Engadget]

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