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Inventor makes robot for a wife

Believe it or not, it’s true. I picked up the article from Slashdot about the robot wife. An inventor by the name of Le Trung started out wanting to create an android that is capable of taking care of the elderly. In the end, Le created a robot wife that can read him the morning newspapers and even provide driving directions.


Le took two years and about GBP 14,000 creating Aiko. With a gorgeous 32-23-33 figure, this robot is capable recognizing faces and speaking 13,000 sentences. Le, the inventor, says that he hasn’t brought the robot wife to his bedroom but it shouldn’t be that hard to program an orgasmic reaction into it.

Hi-tech bomb disposal for Makati

Wow, looks like Makati is now the proud owner of a locally developed bomb-disposal robot. A demo took placed during its launch last Tuesday at Makati. The name of the robot is MAC (Mechanical Anti-terrorist Concept). I guess it’s not a concept any more. 🙂 (AP Photo by Bullit Marquez)


Great concept. In my opinion, we should really develop more of these type of industries.

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