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Make Money: How to integrate Amazon aStore to a WordPress blog

One of the many ways to make money is to sell items from the Amazon online store. has made it easy for anyone to make money online by selling the products available on their shop. All you need is to follow some steps and you’ll be able to start making money online via referral fees on the products that were sold.

What makes it even better is that if you have a WordPress blog, you can easily integrate an Amazon aStore into your blog. You can choose items that you want to sell within your WordPress site and even link to these items. The Amazon aStore can even be customized to integrate it’s look and feel with your WordPress blog.

I’ve created an Amazon aStore for my blog as an example of how easy the Amazon aStore can be integrated into WordPress. The Amazon aStore is free and costs nothing to maintain. You can earn referral fees for every item that you sell. The referral fees from Amazon can be sent to you via check upon reaching a certain level.

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Ubuntu shop for the US opened

Good news for Ubuntu users in the US of A wanting to buy something from the online shop of Ubuntu/Canonical. A US-based shop has been opened in St. Louis, Missouri enabling less expensive and faster shopping for people in the US.


The rest of the world can still order from which went on August 2007. The U.S. and international shops can both be found at

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