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Site of the week: Stay at home mom learns Ubuntu

This weekend while surfing the Net, I came across a blog about an average Mom who started to learn Ubuntu. She was trying to rate how appropriate tagline “Linux for human beings” really is and it got me curious. I started to read her series of posts entitled “The Ubuntu Chronicles: The Saga of Amber and Ubuntu

What’s very interesting about Amber’s series of posts is that it gives some very good points on how well Ubuntu (Linux) has moved forward in terms of usability on the desktop. And some very good points which may very well help the community identify some improvement areas in terms of usability. Although I wouldn’t rate her as the average typical Mom, she has pretty much written things that provides some insight to how an average user might react to Ubuntu.


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Photo blog about the Philippines is site of the week

During the week, I’ve decided to dive into learning about digital cameras. You can just be overwhelmed at what’s on the Internet! It’s so full of very useful and interesting sites that touches the topic of photography. Seeing that I would have to put some laid out plan on how I need to go about my process of learning more about photography, I’ve decided to take a lighter activity this week by checking out blog sites featuring photos of the Philippines.

This particular photo blog caught my attention. The site named “My Sarisari Store” features photos of the Philippines. When I visited it, I was amazed at the beautiful shots of underwater fauna made by the photographer. Another thing that’s amazing is that the photo shots are featured on the photo blog of Belgian Sidney Snoeck who decided to move to the Philippines in 2002.

Here’s a sample photo of his guest photographer Stephan Jaeggi who created the underwater photo shots. Visit Sidney’s photo blog to take a look at more stunning photos.


Filipino WordPress blog for Anime

This week while surfing for an interesting site, I came across a blog that features topics about Anime. The Filipino blogger who goes by the name of Jay has been maintaining the site since 2000 and has recently converted the web site to WordPress. Looks like Jay is also an avid gamer and has now tempered some of his gaming interests in favor of maintaining the PhilAmime WordPress blog.

Jay seems to also love transformer toys like this one on his post. 🙂 You can visit the Filipino wordpress blog about Anime at


Site of the Week: Creative and artistic bricks

This week, I found this guy who maintains a flickr site of some creative and artistic creations using Lego bricks. If you’re into Lego, you can find some very good renditions of popular things all made of Lego bricks! For instance, take a look at the Lego equivalent of the trains we have played with during childhood. Not just as big as the setup below which is complete with it’s own suspension bridge!


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Site of the Week: Very cool hacks

The Internet is full of very creative people. I regularly surf around to check out some sites. I’ve decided to at least post a web site the I think are very cool and creative. This week I found this site actually from a link at Gizmodo — a very good that posts geeky gadgets and stuff.

Here’s one photo I found on the web site called Datamancer. Do you know what this is? If you guess some kind of a clock then you are a long shot away correct answer — well technically it’s run by clock. 🙂


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