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Android eBook reader for each student in the Philippines

More than 5 years ago, I had this crazyidea about how the future student would look like. Way back then, smartphones like Nokia are getting to be powerful enough to include an electronic book reader, wireless LAN access or wi-fi and high speed 3G internet acess. My vision was that students, instead of bringing around those big bags with wheels to carry their books, would just need to bring something like a pocketbook size touch screen computer. These pocketbook size touch screen computer will hold their books and notes and give them access to the “Internet library”.

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SMART Plug ‘N Talk: lower call rates for Filipinos abroad

Smart has introduced another innovative product with its new Plug N Talk device for Filipinos abroad wanting to call their families and friends in the Philippines who has either a landline or mobile phone number. By using the device and an Internet connection, a Filipino abroad can easily call a Philippine phone number at local rates of only Php 6.50 per minute. You can even send text messages at only Php 1.00 per message.

I currently don’t have any relatives abroad who doesn’t have an Internet connection so I would think that most Filipinos abroad would have an Internet connection. If you are a Filipino abroad who has an unlimited Internet connection and is currently spending approximately more than 13 US cents per minute when calling the Philippines on top of your unlimited Internet charges then Smart’s Plug N Talk product may be the device for you.

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