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Nokia C6 just made smartphones affordable

The Nokia C6 smartphone is now available in the Philippines. What’s so special about the Nokia C6? Well aside from having all the bells and whistles of a modern well connected phone, the Nokia C6 makes it well within the reach of more people. To give you an idea, the Nokia C6 has in all intensive purposes the same specifications of a Nokia 97 mini mobile phone. Just about the only difference is the 8GB internal storage of the N97 mini. But guess what, the Nokia C6 price is almost half of the launch price of the Nokia N97 mini. The Nokia C6 smartphone costs only about 13,500 pesos from local cellphone shops.

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Smartphones experience growth inspite of global ecomonic downturn

Even as the world is experiencing an ecomonic upheaval it looks like that the American smartphone market has experienced a considerable growth in the last quarter of 2008. According to the NPD Group fourth quarter sales survey , smartphones have almost doubled to 23 percent of the US consumer market as compared to only 12 percent in the same quarter of 2007.

Also noteworthy is that half of the smartphones now sold has touch screens and 70 percent offer QWERTY keyboards. Two thirds of the smartphones now use 3G networks as compared to only 46 percent in 2007. Apple’s iPhone, Rim’s Blackberry Storm, the Android G1 phone are some of the top gainers.

It seems Qualcomm is also one of those companies benefitting from all these. The company has just announced that it’s Board of Directors approved an annual dividend increase of 6 percent per share of common stock. This brings the annual dividend to $0.68 per share.

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