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Publishing updates on Social Networks

Writing articles on a web site provides a way of communicating with others on the Internet. With the gargantuan amount of sites publishing information on the Internet, it is often times a big hurdle to have your voice heard.

One of the many ways in reaching others on the Internet is via social networks. As such, many writers will often post a message on their social network accounts about new articles they have written on their blog. Some writers, would use tools that automates this process.

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Finally got to use Google+

Got my Google+ invite today. I think it’s going to be the first social service from Google that I will actually use besides eMail. Google+ has several features you’d expect from a social software like streams, photo/video/link sharing and group chat.

One awesome feature that I like about Google+ is called Circles. I think that it’s the closest representation to human social interaction. If you’ve used JoinDiaspora, it’s similar to its Aspect feature. All the social networking software that i’ve used so far, except Google+ and JoinDiaspora, does not allow multiple channel relationships which I believe is an essential ingredient to a good social software. Not even Facebook has it — yes you can classify people into lists but that’s just about what you can do.

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ABS-CBN now owns 5% of social networking site


The other day while watching television, I commented to my wife why these local television networks wouldn’t setup their own social network site instead of using multiply. It’s a logical business extension of their media business.

Well I guess, I spoke too soon because ABS-CBN Global Ltd has bought a 5% stake in the social networking site Multiply. The stocks (about 2.5M) was purchased at $1.9806 each totalling to about $5 million USD.

Under the purchase agreement, ABS-CBN Global can bring up it’s ownership up to 10% of the authorized capital stock of Multiply Inc. within a 2-year period. It was not indicated at what price the additional stock purchases, if any, will be based.

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