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Sony develops Finger Vein Authentication

Sony has developed a new method of authentication which uses a fingers veins instead of fingerprints. According to Sony the finger vein authentication method achieves a higher accuracy compare to other biometric techniques. Sony calls the new method as “Mofiria”. The device is compact enough to be mounted on personal computers or mobile phones which makes it appealing.

Wonder if we’d see mobile phones and computers that will only respond to it’s owners in the near future. Maybe the next big thing would be mobile devices that analyzes our DNA. 🙂 Read more about Sony’s press release.


Sony Vaio P Lifestyle PC not a netbook has Linux

Sony has release the Sony Vaio P series netbook Lifestyle PC which offers a beautiful and sleek pocketable computer with a full size keyboard. The netbook Lifestyle PC (darn!) has an Intel 1.33Ghz processor under it’s hood. It’s preinstalled with Windows Vista but gives you the option to use an Instant On version of Linux. The instant on Linux allows you to use it without having to wait more than 20 seconds at a touch of a button.

Other great things under it’s hood are 60GB hard disk with the option to order a 128GB solid state disk storage, 2GB RAM memory, Memory Stick Pro slot and also a SD/MMC card slot, audio, webcam, internal microphone, USB ports, wifi 802.11 b/g/n, wireless broadband, bluetooth with A2DP stereo, a full size keyboard and a 1600 x 768 8-inch LED display (great for surfing). And since you’d be using this gadget a lot for surfing, it comes with a 4-hour standard battery with option to put in an 8-hour version. Now do you think you’d need anything else?

All these in a pocketable 1.4 pound 9.65″ x 0.78″ x 4.72″ body priced at about US$ 1,000.


PlayStation 2: 50 million units sold

Sony is in all probability planning on the new PlayStation 5 (PlayStation 4 design is probably finished by now). Still PlayStation 2 hasn’t lost it’s touch with the 50th million unit now sold to someone in the US. Those 50 million units is just in the US mind you.

Looks like Sony is not stopping the production of the PlayStation 2 just yet. Although it’s competition, the Xbox, has not been around for quite a while, the PlayStation 2 got sold to about 200,000 customers in November of 2008 alone. One reason for this is most definitely the cost of a PlayStation 2 which is about US$ 130 for a new unit compared to US$ 400 for a PlayStation 3.

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The new PSP 3000 unboxed

Early Christmas for Aaron G when he snatched the chance to get an early BestBuy offer for the still to be released PSP 3000. The package includes National Treasure 2, Ratchet and Clark and a still measly 1GB Memory Stick Duo. The PSP 3000 offers a brighter and less reflective screen for using the game console outdoors. It also now has a built-in microphone and non-HD video output.


Photo courtesy of Engadget. See some more photos of the unboxed PSP 3000 at Engadget. The PSP 3000 is expected to hit the US stores on October 14, 2008 and we’ll probably see them on eBay and other local online auction sites soon.

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