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WordPress admin menu solution to solving screen real estate

I think believe WordPress is a great blog online publishing software and I use WordPress on this blog and also in several other sites. For instance I use it in JavaMidlet to write about news and articles about mobile Java. I’ve also converted from a previous CMS the Ortigas Online site to WordPress and actually using it as a CMS (more on this later).

Several days back, I’ve read about the recent plan of WordPress to change the admin menu in version 2.7 from a horizontal one to a new vertical menu. Didn’t make it to the survery so I’d just want to write about a suggestion I have on how to handle the menu change due to user requests to handle screen space.

First of all I think that the location of the menu is just fine where it is right now (on top). Most of us if not all use software that have menus on top — Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris … I think it’s just easier to navigate if the menus are on top — consistently in just one place.

If the issue is screen real estate, I think there’s a simple and elegant solution to that problem that is currently being used by the operating systems that most of us use right now. That is use auto-hiding top heading / menu.

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