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Unlimited Call/Text/Surf for 999 with Xperia Android phone

I was browsing the Sun Cellular web site a while ago to take a look at their Samsung Galaxy 5 free phone offer for unlimited call/text/surf plan for 999 pesos a month for my wife. I noticed something new. Apparently from the Sun Cellular web site, they are also offering the higher resolution and better looking Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 Android mobile phone for the same unlimited 999/month plan.

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Android eBook reader for each student in the Philippines

More than 5 years ago, I had this crazyidea about how the future student would look like. Way back then, smartphones like Nokia are getting to be powerful enough to include an electronic book reader, wireless LAN access or wi-fi and high speed 3G internet acess. My vision was that students, instead of bringing around those big bags with wheels to carry their books, would just need to bring something like a pocketbook size touch screen computer. These pocketbook size touch screen computer will hold their books and notes and give them access to the “Internet library”.

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Sun Cellular offers better broadband pricing

I visited the Sun cellular web site to re-check their mobile broadband offer. It looks like Sun is really determined to capture a sizeable portion of the market. They have made some changes to their current pricing — the Plan 1999 is now Plan 999. Yup for 999 pesos a month, you can have mobile broadband of up to 2Mbps. And that includes a 350 a month unlimited voice and SMS postpaid mobile phone bundled in.


What used to be Plan 999 is now only 799. And is now also burstable up to 2Mbps (hmmm wonder if anyone is really able to reach this speed). It’s unlimited and mobile broadband!

If you don’t like to be locked in, you just pay a one time charge of 2,500 pesos and pay a monthly of 799 — maybe they should just make this prepaid instead of postpaid.

If you are one of the early subscribers to Sun Cellular’s Plan 1999, wonder what would happen?

Sun Cellular offers broadband service

Sun Cellular has recently joined the 3G bandwagon by introducing Internet broadband services. The current offering of Sun Cellular has upped the ante for broadband services in the Philippines.

suncellular broadband


One of its offering for mobile broadband Internet access has a “flat rate” of 999 pesos. The plan offers up to 400Kbps in download speed. I’ve tried viewing Youtube videos from one of the Sun Cellular shops and I must say that the videos played smoothly without the “stuttering” that’s all too familiar in one of the all to familiar local broadband providers.

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