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Top 3 basic social networking apps for Android

If your the type of person who likes to interact with people on the Internet and use an Android mobile phone, then you should at least have the three basic social apps available on the Android Market. These three mobile apps for Android addresses three different aspects of social networking. The frequency of using them deepends on what you do and who you are. You should at least download and install them to try out whether you really need all of them.

The three basic social networking apps for Android I am talking about are the Twitter app, Linkedin app and Facebook app. All three of them have official versions which you can install on your Android phone.

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Official Twitter Address Bar Search Firefox add-on released

Twitter has worked together with Mozilla to create the official Twitter Address Bar Search add-on for Firefox. Today, Twitter is announcing the add-on which enables users to have a better tool for searching Twitter.

Upon installation of the Twitter Address Bar Search add-on, you can start searching Twitter for #hashtags and @usernames right on the Firefox Address Bar aka Firefox Awesome Bar. Searching will take you straight to the search results page on Twitter.

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Online life using a connected phone

This year, one of the things I’ve decided was to spend more time on this site. Realizing what this means have led me to a couple of things. One is that I should spend some time setting up my currently main mobile phone, Symbian-based Nokia 5800XM, to perform some of the tasks that I would usually do on my notebook computer.

The other thing is to get myself to use my mobile phone instead of my notebook computer to do these tasks so that I would get myself used to doing them on my mobile phone during those times I find myself without a computer at my side.

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Creator of the StalkDaily Twitter Worm gets interviewed

Twitter, the most popular microblogging site, has been infected by a worm that uses cross site scripting to make modifications to profiles of Twitter users. The Twitter team has quickly responded to the attack and has quickly moved to control the problem. NetNewsDaily got an opportunity to interview the creator of the StalkDaily worm, 17 year old Michael Mooney, who lives in Winnfield, Louisiana.

The worm quickly spread over the weekend but also thanks to the real time messages of the Twitter users, the Twitter team was notified of the problem which got addressed quickly. The worm did exposed some cross site scripting holes in the Twitter code. According to the worm author, he was bored and he did it to get Twitter’s attention to the problem. You can read the interview here.

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