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Guaranteed security for your USB flash contents

Here’s a really cool way to secure your USB Flash Memory from being read by unwanted individuals. But be sure to remember to keep the key in a safe place that you would forget and nobody else will find.

Of course no matter how novel the security idea, it’s still not 100% foolproof from the professional and determined individuals so better hold on to your USB flash with your life if you don’t want anybody accessing its contents.


Checkout some other sleek concepts of a USB flash disk from Dialog05. [via Gizmodo]

DisplayLink support in Ubuntu Linux

I’m thinking of buying an LCD display that has DisplayLink support to be able to connect and use multiple display screens on a single computer via USB. I tried searching via Google but couldn’t seem to find any information. I was wondering if anyone might know if there is support for DisplayLink under Ubuntu Linux.

If you know of any information, pls. post a comment here. Thanks.

VirtualBox 2.0.6 released, fixes Nokia / iPhone sync via USB

The VirtualBox team has released version 2.0.6 of its VirtualBox virtualization software. I thought is was going to be something that adds support for Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope but guess what, it’s something better!

For those of you who are using Ubuntu as the host OS and have installed VirtualBox to be able to use Nokia’s PC Suite, the changelog says “USB: Fixed support for iPhone and Nokia devices (Linux host: bugs #470 & #491)”. This is good news since a lot of Ubuntu users seem to be particularly interested in running the Nokia PC Suite under a VirtualBox guest machine running Windows.

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