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WordPress 2.7.1 now available

The WordPress development team has released version 2.7.1 of the WordPress blogging software. This is mainly a maintenance release which fixes several issues since version 2.7. If you’re currently using WordPress 2.7, you can use the new “Upgrade WordPress” feature by accessing Tools | Upgrade from the menu. You can read the announcement at the site or take a look at what was fixed in WordPress 2.7.1.

WordPress 2.7 final just got released

Well, well, well. After several minutes of posting about WordPress 2.7 release candidate 2, the WordPress development team has just released the final 2.7 version of WordPress. You can now download WordPress 2.7. WordPress version 2.7 has a new admin user interface that includes a lot of usability improvements compared to the current 2.6.x branch. It user interface has also been overhauled to make more efficient use of the display screen real estate. New features also make it easier to manage your posts / pages by providing quick edit functions for modifying meta data of your posts and pages.

Upgrading from the current WordPress 2.6.5 version should be easy using its easy three step guide. If you’re new to blogging and would want to get your feet wet on using WordPress, you can try it out for free by signing up for an account at If you want to have your own personal WordPress site and don’t know how setup one, you can contact me for services regarding setting a WordPress blog site.

WordPress 2.7 RC2 gets released

WordPress 2.7 release candidate 2 just got released. At this point it’s pretty much how it would look like for the final release of WordPress 2.7. The new interface design is much sleeker than the current design you are used to using in WordPress.

The new icons and layout are now all in place. Although the new design have great improvements in terms of usability and functionality, I am more excited in the next version which will focus on the media library functions. I have some ideas and wishes that I would like to have in the media library like tagging and a whole new set of API’s that would enable developers to add functionality like cropping images before they get inserted in a post.

I’ve setup a “bleeding edge” copy of WordPress on my notebook and I must say that the current release candidate 2 is looking good with a lot of the issues being fixed or worked around. If there will be no more major issues then expect WordPress 2.7 final release in the coming days. Time for you to check it out and see if the plugins that you are currently using will work with the new version.

WordPress 2.7: What I love about it


After reading Jane’s post of Favorite Thing about 2.7 Beta and trying out WordPress 2.7 beta, I’m posting some of the things I really love about the upcoming WordPress 2.7 release. For starters, the new look has gotten even better.

To simply put it in the words of Boren’s blog post — it’s sexy. I love how it looks without sacrificing on simplicity. Being sleek on the look and feel and still focusing on functionality and speed. You can now expect to see more curves on the admin user interface and less of the sharp edges. The use of gradient backgrounds also provide a lot of visual enhancements. You’d also notice a lot more “mouse-over” functionality which helps to get the user’s attention on what can be done on a particular area of the screen.

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WordPress 2.7: SVN has been updated with new screens

Just to whet your appetite on the upcoming WordPress version 2.7, I’m posting a couple of screen shots of the new look and feel. Some pretty good usability features are going to the next version. The new version is replacing the top menu with some nice looking icons on the left side.


The change will maximize the screen area for tasks like editing or creating a post. This should be a welcome feature with the increased popularity of netbooks which offer less screen area.

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WordPress 2.7: Great new interface!

I’ve been trying out the WordPress 2.7 nightly builds for some time now. WordPress 2.7 just entered into a feature freeze state. The new UI (user interface) is soooo so georgeous that it’s going to be a pain to wait for the release date.

You should see what Matt, Ryan and the WordPress guys have done. It looks like I can postpone having to buy a 22-inch monitor (but I probably doubt that for wanting a bigger screen). Here’s a quote from Jane of the WordPress Devt Team on the WordPress development blog on how they plan to do it:

… screens just to access sub-navigation menus; we wanted the most-used screens to be within a click or two at most. If you’ve been using the nightly builds, you got used to the arrow controls that allowed you to expand and contract the menus. Then you got used to the box-style with icons that not only opened and closed vertically, but could be minimized horizontally as well, leaving a remnant of icons to provide a kind of “advanced mode,” …

And a screen shot of the “add new” post screen:


It’s beautiful! What’s also great is that the menu on the left can be collapsed to just mere icons! Minimizing the screen area occupied by the menus (great guys)!

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Bleeding Edge WordPress 2.7 is looking so good

I’ve finally installed a copy of WordPress 2.7 (still under development) from the svn on my computer last week and it’s looking good. The menus are now on the left side (looks like it’s time to think about a 1680×1050 22-inch monitor).

Lot’s of new stuff, like now you can already edit basic meta stuff without having to open and edit an article.

I love what seems to be a direction into putting the “media tools” stuff on the right side of the “add/edit post/page” screens ‘coz I think it’s a lot more easier to be able to interact with the media and the editor at the same time when creating a post.


I one of those people who’s interested in UI’s and usability and with my last post about the WordPress menu user survey, I decided to create a mock-up screen of the WordPress using Inkscape (trying to learn the software).

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WordPress admin menu solution to solving screen real estate

I think believe WordPress is a great blog online publishing software and I use WordPress on this blog and also in several other sites. For instance I use it in JavaMidlet to write about news and articles about mobile Java. I’ve also converted from a previous CMS the Ortigas Online site to WordPress and actually using it as a CMS (more on this later).

Several days back, I’ve read about the recent plan of WordPress to change the admin menu in version 2.7 from a horizontal one to a new vertical menu. Didn’t make it to the survery so I’d just want to write about a suggestion I have on how to handle the menu change due to user requests to handle screen space.

First of all I think that the location of the menu is just fine where it is right now (on top). Most of us if not all use software that have menus on top — Windows, Linux, MacOS, Solaris … I think it’s just easier to navigate if the menus are on top — consistently in just one place.

If the issue is screen real estate, I think there’s a simple and elegant solution to that problem that is currently being used by the operating systems that most of us use right now. That is use auto-hiding top heading / menu.

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