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Get an openline / unlocked iPhone from Apple

You read it right! Now you can get an unadulterated, pristine openline / unlocked iPhone directly from Apple. The web page even says “iPhone 3G purchased at the Apple Online Store can be activated with any wireless carrier. Simply insert the SIM from your current phone into iPhone 3G and connect to iTunes 8 to complete activation.” Don’t believe me? I did a screen capture of the web page:


Above’s the image capture of the Hongkong Apple Store web site. The 8GB Apple iPhone costs HK$ 5400 or about 33,000 in Philippine pesos. The 16GB Apple iPhone is HK$ 6200 or about 38,000 in Philippine pesos.

The next question is: Can someone buy the thing online and have it delivered to another country like the Philippines? Should be tempting considering that it’s an openline / unlocked phone with Apple’s “blessing”.

If you are a Smart or Digitel mobile phone user. it should really be a great option considering that right now only Globe sells Apple iPhone cell phones in the Philippines. You don’t even have to be concerned about those legal mambo jumbo about unlocking software for iPhones.

Wonder how much is a round trip fare to Hongkong …

Gerry Ilagan

Gerry Ilagan is into mobile apps and WordPress development at @speeqs. He loves to write about electronics, the Internet of Things, mobile phones, and #crazyideas.



hi.. i upgraded my iphone 8g to 3.1 thru apple website.. but after doing it.. itunes says may simcard was not supported by the carrier..but i hav bin using dis simcard before trying upgrading it.. what shuld i do? pls help..

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