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    Is my web site. I am Gerry Ilagan. I'm into Android/iOS/Web development. I also blog about mobile, #crazyidea, gadgets & technology.

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    Are you looking for someone to work on your next mobile or web project? Let's talk.

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    I like to program stuff. Here are some of the WordPress, iOS and Android stuff i've created.
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    The Apps

    I just love apps and games on mobile phones so much that I decided to create a site that is dedicated to it.
    Apps & Games

which connected phone are you?

Xperia Z great for Philippine, London, Seattle, Tokyo users

I thought I’d write some of my thoughts and experiences on the Xperia Z Android-based smartphone in this mini review now that I’ve been using the mobile phone for quite some time. I’ve been using it as a second phone which replaces my old Xperia Neo V.


If you’ve read about all the other Android phones in it’s class, I think you should consider the Xperia Z — from my eXperience it’s actually a great phone compared to all the other Android phones in its class.

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Woz delivers a Mac

It’s not everyday that you see Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, the multi-billion dollar technology company that makes all our iPhones, iPads and Macs, deliver a Mac computer right at the doorstep.

Check out the video below and see how shocked Emma, the owner of the Mac, was.